Sick of Your Old Couch

Sick of Your Old Couch? Here Are 6 Ways to Spruce It Up


There are many pieces of furniture that we grow very attached to. One of the most common and likely being your couch.

When you have a good couch, you will have the ultimate go-to place to retreat to after a busy and stressful day. In fact, couches are known to provide you with instant relaxation and can be really good for the body and mind. In fact, they can lift our moods, help with our posture and give us all those cozy and comfortable feels.

But over time, your couch may start to look old. It is not too far gone that you can validate buying a new one, but it is looking used enough that it no longer lifts your living room the way it used to.

This is where you can do some intermittent upgrades to your couch so you can elevate the look in an affordable way, still get the enjoyment from the couch you love, and not drop a fortune having to buy a new one. This can be as simple as getting some couch throw blankets and tossing them over the corners to upgrading the area around the couch with new wall prints or décor.

We have rounded up all the top tips for you to consider if you are wanting to spruce up your couch.

1. Upgrade the Wall Décor

Couches are often neutral pieces of furniture that can mold into the style of a variety of themes. This means that sometimes all you need to do to give your couch new life is change the wall art that surrounds it. If your couch is a neutral color, try playing around with different prints and patterns to hang on the wall behind or next to the couch. This will add more color and texture to the room and make the couch look completely different without actually doing anything to it.

2. Switch Up the Pillows

You can play around with a similar concept when it comes to your wall décor and equally switch out the pillows that go on your couch. Equally try out various prints, colors, and patterns that create new combinations for your couch. You will be amazed at the instant upgrade you see from just a handful of pillows. The pillows do not all have to be the same either. You can get a variety of shapes to add depth to the couch as well. Some of the pillows can be solid colors while others can be bold patterns. Don’t feel like everything has to match perfectly.

3. Get Couch Throw Blankets

Another way to cover up the old-looking couch is by covering it up with couch throw blankets. These blankets also add new depths and layers to your couch and can transform the space completely. Similar to pillows, couch throw blankets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. You can even switch out the couch throw blankets every couple of months to support the changing seasons as well. A bonus is that having couch throw blankets will equally allow you or anyone that uses the couch to melt into an extra layer of comfort when they sit down on it.

4. Switch Out the Legs

Another really easy way to upgrade your couch is to change out the legs. This one upgrade will instantly transform everything about the couch. It can give it a new height and style. For example, switching out the couch legs from wooden to golden can all of a sudden make your couch seem like it was fit for the royal palace.

5. Fill Up the Stuffing

If your couch has gotten a lot of use and is looking a bit deflated, you should consider filling up the interior of the cushions with more stuffing. This will all of a sudden inflate the look of the couch and can make it look brand new all over again. Most couch cushions are just sealed with a sipper, so it should be relatively straightforward to switch out the stuffing. You will love the extra support you feel on the couch when you do this too. This trick will lift the aesthetics and functionality of an old couch in an affordable way that you can do yourself.

6. Clean the Fabric

Sometimes all your old couch needs is a bit of cleaning to look brand new again. Get a furniture vacuum cleaner so that you can easily remove any stains, dirt, or grime that may have built up over the years. A few minutes of cleaning your couch can instantly transform how new it looks. In fact, to keep your old couch from aging any further, you should try to clean it at least once every few weeks.


These six tips and tricks will help you upgrade your couch in an affordable way that will completely transform the space.


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